1. Beautiful house! I think the designers missed an opportunity in the kitchen to install some amazing backsplash tile but it looks clean the way it is I suppose. I love the photo of the desk area in the master bedroom. The orientation of the olive branch and the way the art of the gallery wall is hung makes it look like everything is being blown to the right….great effect! As always, amazing photos!

  2. I love the country store cabinet and all the outdoor spaces. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great, classic design everywhere except those deer leg stools, which make me sick to my stomach just to look at them. Why would anyone that was okay?! I can’t think of a less appealing thing to put in the bedroom than hacked-off animal legs arranged at unnatural angles. Yuck. The rest of the space is so natural and neutral; it had such amazing potential. Just goes to show you how one giant misstep can take a room from envy-inducing to cringe-inducing. *Shudder*

  4. Um….I’m underwhelmed by the entire home. Except for the little, outdoor sitting area off the living room, I find the home a hodge-podge mix of this and that – nothing is cohesive and none of the spaces compliment others. Grade – Meh! :(

  5. What finish was used on the walls in the “library?” I love the warm color in there.

  6. Wow! The place is majestic, for sure every one is dreaming in having such a beautiful house. I like its “outdoor sitting area” where you could see your garden and other scenery. Perfect!

  7. What a stunning home! I’m totally in love with the country store cabinet unit. So vintage and so beautiful! I wonder if it could be a DIY project? I’d love to have that in my future kitchen!

  8. I wasn’t “underwhelmed” necessarily but I did get a really “cluttery” feel looking at most of the pictures… I didn’t like the kitchen bar stools at all… as well as those huge chairs in the dining room. Not to mention the hooved stools as someone mentioned above. What I can’t discern is whether this is because most of it is just “not my taste” or if it really wasn’t cohesive. I’m not a fan of clutter either way and it did feel like there was a large amount of it, although certain spaces did appeal to me.

  9. I don’t know how I missed this post, but am glad I saw it tonight. Do you have any info on that chandelier in the dining room? I agree it’s amazing. I saw a similar one several years ago & have regretted not buying it, so would love to make up for that now. Thanks, Kate.

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