My Brother’s Kitchen Remodel

By Kate Riley March 30, 2016

Hi friends! Today I’m so excited to share my brother’s kitchen remodel with you. You’ll recall back in October when Nate and Liz were in the beginning stages of a kitchen remodel and it’s finally complete!

Nate and Liz moved out of San Francisco last fall into a small town just outside the city which allows them to commute but also live in a quiet neighborhood and raise their two small boys. I helped them with the cabinet layout and suggested design ideas but they made all the decisions on finishes and did a brilliant job!

marble herringbone backsplash

I love the finishes in this kitchen, Liz chose white cabinets, a gray plank porcelain tile floor, sage green quartz countertops, smudgeproof stainless steel appliances, and a classic marble herringbone backsplash.

Liz loved the idea of white cabinets to keep this smaller east facing kitchen light and bright. The cabinets photograph white but they’re truly a warm white, they are Kraftmaid in the Canvas color. For reference, this kitchen measures 15’6″ long by 7’10” wide.

On this side of the kitchen Nate and Liz moved the refrigerator out to create more counter space and moved the dishwasher over to break up the appliances so they weren’t side by side, and they also extended the wall in the opening to hide the cabinetry so it wasn’t exposed to the dining room, those were smart design changes.

Before & After, Sink Side:

 nate liz before

  canvas white cabinets

The cabinets are Kraftmaid and they’re great quality, they offer a lot of organizational amenities (seen below). Liz and Nate chose the Shaker style for doors and slab front for drawers, a very modern look, the ‘Canvas’ finish is a warm white and really beautiful in person.

Here you’ll notice on the opposite side of the kitchen that there was a blank back wall that was totally unused, so it was the perfect opportunity to add a pantry and also the perfect place to move the refrigerator. They minimized the size of the window to allow for upper and lower cabinetry to wrap around.

Before & After, Fridge Side:

 liz nate before


 kitchen remodel after


Another smart design decision was to open up the wall that looks into the dining room to include a peninsula that looks out into both the dining and living room where they entertain. There they created a place where they can pull up two counter stools for a quick snack for the boys.

opened up wall

In My Bag

By Kate Riley March 28, 2016

Hello and welcome to another week! I paid a visit to my brother’s house over the weekend and photographed his kitchen remodel (see the “before” here) and I’m so excited to share the new look, you’ll love all the finishing touches, and you can catch a sneak peek on Instagram.

Instead of a design related post today, I was invited by my blog friend Chris of Just A Girl to share what’s in my tool bag today, not the home improvement one (years ago I posted my 25 essential DIY tools). No instead today’s kit includes makeup, so today’s post is a little diversion from regular content but fun to talk about for us ladies.


I have some go to products I’ve been using for years and would be devastated if they were discontinued. It’s so hard to find the perfect thing for but once I do I keep going back!

I’m not into wearing a lot of makeup, it doesn’t work for me, and I can’t get into trends like contouring or Kylie’s lips, I stick with what works and what I found enhances my skin and features. My skin is between fair and medium tone, I have a French, Italian, and (of course) Irish heritage. These are the cosmetic products that work best for me!

 kate makeup bag