Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley May 6, 2016

Weekend greetings friends! I know it’s been a slow week here on the blog, we had a death in the family. Matt’s dear Aunt Emily we adored, she was the most gregarious woman and lived a full life until she died at the age of 92, we certainly miss her laugh and her smile. I’m attending her memorial tomorrow.

I’m very excited about some new fabric patterns I’m working on. I was in a rut for awhile, took a small break from designing, but now I’m feeling inspired again, and I hope to have some new prints to share by the end of June. I’m also working on a mini makeover of my daughter’s room, has a new desk and bedding and we will be reorganizing her space this month. Summer is just around the corner I can’t believe it and May is proving to be a busy month of tests and activities. Time, it flies doesn’t it. Favorite links below.

black white wood bathroom


I’m smitten with the two beautiful bathrooms in this home tour.

Can you imagine attending an event on this boat? Spectacular!

I’ve always loved live edge wood and these are some beautiful examples.

Wow, this real life Cinderella gown (with lights!) is just beautiful.

Ways to revive a dying houseplant.

A wonderful letter to moms from Joanna Gaines.

Finding the work you were meant to do.

This guy’s celebrity outfit recreations are hilarious.


Wishing all the moms a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend!


Faceted Favorites

By Kate Riley May 3, 2016

I was placing some flowers from my yard in a new vase on the mantel and by pairing it with the existing mirror I already have, I realized how drawn I am to faceted objects. There is something about the lines in faceted pieces that I love, they’re angular and repetitive and dramatic much like the cut of a gemstone.

faceted mirror and vase

Some might call these shapes trendy but when you look at classic crystal barware or any cut stone you realized faceted shapes have been around forever, and it’s refreshing to see these geometric inspired pieces popping up again, reinterpreted as modern décor. Some favorites below:

 faceted favorites

large planter (also in white) / heart art / golden vases / teardrop colored vases / side table / white wall vase / mercury glass table lamp / ripley gold lamp / mosaic mirror / hexadome bowl (also in gold) / decanter + glasses / brass pendant light