Our Legacybox

By Kate Riley January 28, 2016

*This post brought to you in partnership with Legacybox.

We live in such a busy world, it feels like the years fly by faster and faster. In December I made a promise to myself that in 2016 I’d complete three memory preservation projects. The first is to upload images to albums and print those albums so we would have a family library of memory filled books. Easy to do and I’ve got a few albums in the works right now, starting with our most recent vacation. The second project is to have quilts made out of the baby clothes I’ve saved. The third project was to digitize all the old videos and family pictures sitting in a closet for many years but I was totally overwhelmed by the task.

I was feeling very nostalgic thinking about when my kids were babies. This happens to all of us mothers of grown children! I love the ages my children are now, 12 and 10, my daughter is entering junior high next year, yikes! It’s all flying by so fast and I was thinking wow wouldn’t it be wonderful to go back in time and relive when they were wee little, if only for a day? Looking at pictures is one thing but seeing them as they were back then in video, hearing their voices, watching their mannerisms, it was something that was tugging at my heart for a long time.

Because this happened WAY too fast….

 grown up girl

I was approached by Legacybox to try out their service and when I went to their site I knew it was the answer, the closest thing I’d get to reliving those challenging but oh so charming years. Mine were born in a time before smart phones and digital videography, when all I had to preserve those sweet years were mini camcorder tapes.

The process was SO simple and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll confess I’ve been teary for days watching the videos, and my kids LOVE watching themselves as babies too, we’ve been laughing so hard at some of the things they said and did when they were little!

Your Legacybox arrives in the mail with a Welcome Guide and barcodes to attach to your pictures, videos, negatives, slides, they’re experts at transferring it all to digital format where it can be stored safe from fire, theft, etc.

 legacy box welcome guide

I had a big bag of camcorder tapes of babies playing and family get togethers and vacations dating back to the 90s. I labeled each one with a barcode and tucked them in the box.

 old video tapes legacy box

Matt had a box of old family photos he wanted preserved as well so we had those digitized as well.

 old family pictures

Pack it all up in the crushproof Legacybox provided (it includes shipping both ways), they confirm arrival via email and you get a personal contact if you have any questions. Wait a few weeks and find your old memories preserved on a disc, pop it into your player and watch your old videos. We’ve been watching ours all week, it’s wonderful to hear the voices of those who’ve passed away and to relive events from more than a decade ago.

 digitized family photos

matt mark

This is an add on option but so worth it, I also received a thumb drive with ALL of my images and videos stored in one place so it was easy to upload them to my external hard drive and cloud storage (I use both) for safe preservation.

 usb files

What memories do you have waiting to be digitized?

 legacy box

I’m getting my parents to do it, they have a bazillion tapes and photos that need this service, I know they’d love to relive their memories too, wouldn’t you?

The first 50 people to use the code FABULOUS at checkout will receive 40% off their Legacybox! Do this I promise you’ll love it, the preservation of memories is PRICELESS.

*This post is sponsored by Legacybox, all opinions are my own.


Pattern Potential: Subway Backsplash Tile

By Kate Riley January 27, 2016

A great question landed in my inbox regarding subway tile installation, it’s one I haven’t tackled here on the blog, so today’s a great day to do so!

“Hi Kate, love your blog! I would love your opinion. I am using 3×6″ grey dove tile for a kitchen backsplash and now I’m confused about how to lay them! The picture shows a 1/3 offset, any help you have would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!” ~ Franca

 kitchen 1

 kitchen 2.png

First of all Franca, your kitchen is gorgeous! I love all the classic choices, I can tell it’s going to be quite fabulous when complete!

Most subway tiles come in 2 x 4″ or 3 x 6″ sizes, but there are other sizes too. I have white brick pattern tile in my own kitchen and I chose it 8 years ago because it’s timeless and I’ll never tire of it. With wood flooring, a random pattern is desirable but with a backsplash symmetry is important, and there are a variety of patterns you can create with subway tile.

Classic 50% offset pattern for subway tile (sometimes referred to as “running bond”) looks like the images below, with every other tile’s edge matching up in a vertical line. You can choose no grout and skip the spacers, or with spacers match the grout to the tile or choose a different color grout for contrast, or instead of basic white opt for a marble or colored subway tile like you’ve chosen.

 offset white subway tile backsplash

 marble subway tile backsplash bhg

better homes and gardens 1/ 2

If you want to continue with the one third or 33% offset as indicated in your picture the movement will be different, it will look more like this:

 offset one thirddrawing courtesy of tile tramp

Rectangular subway tiles can be installed in many different ways, the symmetry makes them all great candidates for a backsplash, it’s just a matter of personal taste, whether you want to go with the a basic offset 50% or 33% offset or mix it up with something a bit different like the examples below.

 brick pattern layout

 brick pattern tile layout


 offset tile patternsvia

 basketweave layout etcvia

Take a peek at Apartment Therapy’s roundup of examples of subway tile in real spaces in alternative patterns.

 herringbone subway tile backsplash

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess pulled together some tips and this graphic, visit their blog to view more inspiring images of these patterns in real spaces.

 subway tile pattern samples

One traditional way of changing up the basic offset pattern is to use the same tile but in a different layout behind the range framed by pencil tiles (I did this in my own kitchen with white tile.)

 brick pattern herringbone behind range

austin bean

 herringbone and classic subway tilerw anderson homes

 gray subway tile backsplash

better homes and gardens


Here is personal favorite installation for subway tile, I’d love to do this in a bathroom or kitchen, it’s the straight (or 90 degree) herringbone pattern, classic with a twist!

 straight herringbone subway backsplash tile

design sponge

So Franca, it’s up to you which way to you want to go. You really can’t go wrong as long as the install is done symmetrically in any of the patterns featured above.

Readers, chime in! What subway tile pattern have you used in your home? Feel free to link to images/posts showing your subway tile installations!