1. When I had to make a decision about the colour scheme of my craft room, I opted for turquoise and orange. I love that combination.
    And more in general, I love the warmth that comes from orange and fall colours.
    Have a nice day.
    Donatella (from Italy)

  2. Love, love, love all the orange decor pics!!! I’ve often thought of decorating with other bright colors, such as red or yellow, but much to my surprise, I have not even given orange a thought! The color really makes a room feel cheerful and cozy! Thank you for your post – enjoyed it very much! Take good care.

  3. Seriously having orange crush with all the rooms you’ve shown! I am definitely doing orange and black for fall!

  4. Wow. There are some spectacular things here. So interesting to see orange handled so many different ways. My room when I was in high school was “burnt orange and avocado green”. (Yes, you DO know how old I am. OLD!) I love them all here, but the green and orange made my heart go pitter-pat!

  5. I have a hard time being relaxed in rooms with super stimulating colors for some reason, but I LOVE me some orange as an accent color. That kitchen from BHG and that nursery from new arrivals = gorgeous!!

  6. loved the orange with brown, although is a little too much for me, I think I’m in a moment of pastel and brighter (white) colors. But loved all the pics !!! :)

  7. I never used to go for orange but now paired with a navy blue, I’m starting to see the light.

    Happy birthday and anniversary! We share the same birthday and anniversary month. We’re celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today!

  8. love the color orange, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s inviting, a little daring and adds sparks to a room. I’ve enjoyed it in my home paired with earth tones. Love the pics, pinned. Thanks

  9. Thanks for all the orange inspiration! It’s my husband’s favorite color so next time I ask him for a color choice on something and he says hopefully, “Orange?” I don’t have to say no!

  10. This is my husband’s favorite color too (and my second-favorite, next to green) so we do incorporate it into our home. But it’s tricky! I like a lot of these inspiration photos, great ways to use orange without becoming too circus-y.

  11. I painted our kitchen a dark rust orange a few months ago and I love how the faded turquoise of my mason jar collection looks with that. Gorgeous rooms!

  12. I love orange! Our large bed pillows, rug, picture frames, and other household items are orange! It works in any season, and I love it. We’ve paired ours with navy blue, white, and gray. Mmm mmm!

  13. Orange is the national color of The Netherlands, as it is the name of our royal family. Being Dutch, I associate orange with parties, such as national holidays, or at games where Dutch teams or athletes compete. Any world championship or international competition and our whole country turns orange! I would never choose it as a main accent color in my house, but it means party to me!

  14. Perfect timing! I am getting ready to chalk paint a huge dresser in burnt orange. The plan is to use it as storage under the flat screen TV in our great room. The oriental rug in that room has the same orange, sage greens and a deep aubergine. I’m excited about using this color with our two big ‘ole tufted leather chairs to end up with a warm, rich, almost ‘gentleman’s club’ feel. I heart deep orange tones.
    Love your Color Decorating series, Thank you.

  15. Orange is not one of the colors I usually like. However, you are changing my mind with these photos! I especially love the leaves instead of flowers!

  16. I love autumn colors. Would be cool to change curtains, sheets, pillow cases for the season. Hmm.. that just gave me a brilliant idea!

  17. Orange is not my most favorite color but when I see your decorations I suddenly love the color. You made orange cool to the eyes and the room so classy. Perfect!

  18. Orange is my most favorite color. I feel happy as soon as I see it. I use it in my wardrobe and handbags, but have not brought it into my decorating for the most part. I think I’m going to change that though. My den is a neutral beige palette which could easily be jazzed up with orange accessories!! :-D

    Thanks Kate!

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