1. An excellent post! I, too, dreamed of a Father of the Bride kind of house–but my dreams were of the original movie with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. And my dream house always had a window over the kitchen sink! In addition to that, my husband went to the Volvo dealership and got brochures the week after our first baby was born. There was no way we could afford a Volvo at that time, but he surely wanted one! I got one after our third son was born, and I have to admit I felt as though I’d arrived. :)

    Anyway, I like all these kitchen window treatment options! I usually end up with a DIY valance of some kind and leave the lower portion of my kitchen windows untreated; we’ve been fortunate to live in houses where privacy wasn’t an issue. Right now my window is sporting a no-sew faux Roman shade–the look of a Roman shade but a very inexpensive DIY version. It doesn’t move up and down, but it does a great job of blocking the sun’s rays when they’re the brightest and hottest.

  2. I LOVE these ideas, but all of these kitchens have something that mine do not: windows. That’s right. I have a kitchen without a single window. The dining room was an addition to the house and it doesn’t get much sunlight.

    However, I am in DESPERATE need of making my house less cave like. All of my lights give off a yellow dim glow and I am tired of straining my eyes to cook/clean/read/relax. Any ideas for windowless kitchens?

    • Hi Janille, I have a windowless family room so I hung three of Ballard Designs Grand Palais mirrors (painted white) in ours to pull light from the kitchen – I’m thinking of the mirror trick for you too if you’ve got space to hang one!

  3. Great post and perfect timing. I’ve been trying to gather ideas for the type of window treatment I want for our kitchen window. This is our first house, and even though we moved in just over a year ago, we still just have a bare, beige shade the former owner left. It looks awful! This post has given me a lot of great ideas. I love the idea of a Roman shade or maybe a bamboo one.
    Also, I have to add how much I’m enjoying your site! I only just started reading blogs a few months ago, and I stumbled on your site last week. I’m hooked! I’ve found so many great ideas that I can’t wait to try. Your sense of color and style are right up my alley. You’ve even inspired me to start my own humble, little blog. Thanks and please keep posting!

  4. This post is perfectly timed. I’m wrestling with this question now as we are redoing the kitchen soon. I think I’m leaning toward a relaxed roman shade. Tomorrow my idea will change LOL.

  5. For Janille without windows, I have heard of tube sky lights that can somehow be brought in even if you kitchen has a room above. I heard they are not terribly expensive but bring in a tremendous amount of light. I have not had first hand experience with one of these. Maybe Kate or one of her readers has and they can comment on their experience with them.

  6. Mirrors are a fabulous idea! That would certainly bounce the light around more! Also consider changing light bulbs to a brighter white…there are some that simulate daylight rather than the yellow glow you described.

  7. I’ve been struggling with this! We’ve been living in our apartment for two years and have yet to put anything on our kitchen windows, but we desperately need to because the blinding afternoon light aaaand I should probably walk around with more clothes on.
    We have plain white roman shades from a previous apartment and I was thinking of painting a border…

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Hello everyone,
    I’ve got another problem: I’ve got a door to my garden in the kitchen…that was my dream when I was a kid and, lucky me, now I’ve got one! But it’s very difficult to decorate: Any curtain or blind has to be directly on the window, so that I can open the door without any problems. And, further more, there ist not quite much space, so I can’t push any curtain aside fot there is no space for all that fabric . In the evening (and that really is the main big problem) it’s not very nice to be in the kitchen and to look in the black garden, it’s always a bit spooky…so, no option 6 for me….a bit privacy would be so nice….Any ideas anyone? I’d be very glad about your answers, because I’m living with this for nearly 4 years now and I hate being in the kitchen at night…but Iove to cook with the best husband in the world….

    Thanks a lot

    Sonja from germany

    • Hi Sonja, absent hanging a rod pocket curtain on those double rods you can buy, one at the bottom, one at the top – you might want to consider using a window frosting or privacy treatment, I know they sell them at home improvement stores here in the States, that’s what we used on our bathroom window to allow light but maintain privacy.

  9. Oh wow, i am spending WAY too much time on your blog, I IMMEDIATELY recognized your kitchen!!!
    And I love no-treatment window treatments!

  10. I love the Roman Shades. Here in Florida the summer sun can be really bright and extreme so I need something to block out some of that blinding light. I curtainly have faux white blinds just because that is what the previous owner installed but I’m leaning towards removing those and putting up the bamboo shades. Thanks for a gorgeous round up.. As always I learn more than anything just how bad I want to paint my kitchen white! Ha!

  11. Love the bamboo blinds against the white kitchens. But I’m strangely drawn to the grey kitchen designs too, never considered this colour for the kitchen but it looks great, so classy!

  12. Janille- in addition to mirrors or a fake eindow with mirrors for panes, maybe you could install under-cabinet lighting that can be DIY ( see Home Drot for small round ones thar don’t show?)
    I’ve been enjoying this fabulous blog and have read the whole thing recently. Thanks so much for ideas and inspiration and your energy snd organization. Please keep it up!
    Enjoyed today’s guest post.

  13. I love these! I’m a fan of the bamboo shades and have installed several in our house. I got them custom cut from JC Penny, and the quality is great, and they’re not very expensive.

  14. Love the ‘Sunshine’ sign – Very cheery!

    to Janille – my mother-in-law installed one of those tube-like skylights in her windowless bathroom. The room is now quite bright during the day. You don’t even need the lights on. I think the mirror idea is a good one as well to give the illusion of a window being there.

  15. I love roman blinds, white venetians and most of all plantation shutters. We are lucky enough to have recently bought a house with huge windows … even if they are brown aluminum frames. There is a wonderful 1.8m wide window about my kitchen sink. We are also lucky enough not to need to cover it for privacy. But at this time of year the Australian sun belts through there right about the time you want to cook dinner and it’s like standing in a sweat box. I was going to put up a white timber venetian blind as we have done in other areas of the house, but I would prefer to have it pulled up most of the day and the weight of that width is pretty heavy. Any other suggestions for such a wide window where I don’t need to cover it for privacy but do need to block out the afternoon sun?

  16. This was a great post at the right time for me as we are getting ready to renovate. Not only were the window treatments all great ideas but love all the painted kitchen pics:) thanks for sharing!

  17. My kitchen sink is in the corner with windows on each corner so if you look directly out, you will see two window casings meeting each other. I really like the bare look when the millwork is substantial. Otherwise, it’s just meh. I considered building up the moulding when we renovated the kitchen last year, but my contractor said it would look weird not matching the other window in the eating nook. For now it’s just the builder’s grade 2 1/4′-ish stuff. The windows came with white wood blinds when we bought the house two years. I think maybe that’s why it’s looking unfinished.

    At least the view is pretty decent…just the shrubs and backyard. I love watching the bunnies come out and snack on the grass.

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