BOTB 4.23.16

By Kate Riley April 23, 2016

You guys. Prince. I’m still so sad. I associate one of his songs with just about every phase of my life. My heart is broken that he is gone, he was such an icon and so talented.

This morning the sun is out and it’s a big day for us, it’s the annual hometown parade where thousands of people congregate. It’s always a fun event and one of the reasons I love living in a small-ish town. I’m walking in the parade with my little boy and his martial arts studio, it’s very cute to see them all in their uniforms and belts walking down the main street waving at the thousands of people who come every year.

Tomorrow I’m spending the day painting furniture in my garage, a dresser for my brother and a bed for my son. I bought him a loft bed to make more space in his room to store all of his Legos and toys underneath, I’ll post an update on that space soon.

Thank you so much for all your tips on where to go and what to eat while I’m in Paris this summer, we decided to stay in a boutique hotel for few days then I rented a loft on Air B&B in Le Marais for 5 days to get more of a “life in Paris” feel if only for a short time. I’ve started a list of places to visit thanks to all of your suggestions! And now for the favorite projects and spaces:

Make your own fabric covered privacy screen with a tutorial at Apartment Therapy.

 privacy screen diy


Discover how to hide pesky cable cords when mounting a flat screen with Young House Love.

 mounted tv hidden cords


Build a floating desk and storage towers with the step-by-step process featured at Shanty 2 Chic.

 floating desk and towers


Build a DIY tripod lamp with The Winthrop Chronicles.

 diy tripod lamp



Download a printable garden planner for your seedlings at Curbly.

 printable garden planner

Craft speckled jewelry dishes from IKEA coasters at

 speckled jewelry dishes


Make paper flower napkin rings for your spring soiree with Aki at Consumer Crafts.

 paper flower napkin rings


These pretty DIY marble chargers would look lovely on a table set for Mother’s Day! Project by Bird’s Party.

 marble diy chargers


Enjoy your spring weekend!



Summer in Paris

By Kate Riley April 20, 2016

It’s official, I’m booked for a trip to Paris in July! I haven’t been to this city in fifteen years and I’m so so excited to return. As of now I’m traveling by myself but my plan is to get one or two friends to come with me!

eiffel tower flower frame


I’ll be brushing up on my French in order to get by and watching a few movies with Paris as the backdrop to get me in the mood. An American in Paris and Midnight in Paris come to mind can you recommend any others?

I’m headed there in July, and I know it will be crowded with tourists, but I’d love to hear some ideas on where I should stay, what I should see, and where I should eat! Will you share your favorites with me?