Creative Uses for Copper Tape

By Kate Riley September 26, 2016

Copper accents have been trending for a few years, and are just as popular this fall as they have been in recent years. I got the idea to play around with some copper foil tape I found online, it’s actually shielding adhesive but I thought it would be fun to craft with it so I ordered a roll from Amazon (also a roll of slightly thicker gold metallic adhesive tape) and got creative with both of them.


 gold copper tape


I started with an art project. I liked the shimmer created from these tapes so I made one piece of abstract art using the two tapes, simply layering stripes of them in a random pattern. I really like the use of the copper tape on the framed art on the right to enhance the art inside the white frame.

 copper tape framed art


 copper tape framed art 2


I created a geometric wall treatment too. Using a level I used a pencil to trace the horizontal lines lightly on the wall. I then applied the vertical pieces of copper tape in a random design. I think something similar would look fabulous on a larger scale as an accent wall, or as a detail on the back of a bookcase.

 copper tape geometric wall treatment


Instead of investing in new copper flatware, how about wrapping a few bands of tape around your existing silverware?

 copper bands flatware


The tapes adhere easily to plain photo boxes or planters, use bands to embellish them too!

 copper tape planter and box


 copper tape planter bands

Happy crafting with these metallic tapes, find them here and here!


Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley September 23, 2016

Leaves are beginning to fall from the trees in my town. It finally felt like autumn this week so I brought out a few white pumpkins and some scented candles and scattered them around the house. This weekend I’m busy on a fireplace makeover project, and I’m picking out the floor tile for the two bathrooms at the flip house in Las Vegas from some samples I’ve had shipped. I hope to have the fireplace makeover complete to show you next week.

I wrote last weekend that I was taking a motorcycle safety course and the good news is I passed it and also my written exam at the DMV. As an early birthday present, I bought myself a 150cc Vespa for riding around town, it was delivered today so I’ll be taking it out on a ride around the neighborhood. I’m really excited about my new toy, it’s something I’ve wanted for many years and now it’s real!

Favorite links/projects below:

succulent airplant wreath pottery barn

Perfect for fall: a front door display using succulents.

A beautiful home decorated in a black and white palette.

Love this layered little boy’s room.

A smart way to add privacy to front door sidelights.

Everything you wanted to know about butcher block countertops.

Simple and charming: DIY clay bowl.

I wish I could crochet cause I’d totally make this for my nephew.

One pot burrito chicken and rice (looks delish).

A love story: when you meet your soulmate on the subway (aw).


Have a great weekend!