Endless Summer: Etsy Picks

By Kate Riley August 4, 2016

This week there are no camps to rush off to or obligations beyond waking up to the sound of a whirring fan. Next week is my last trip of the summer, I’m sneaking away to Maui for a week with my family then the kids go back to school the following week.

Summer is my favorite season, it’s a time to relax and recharge before fall pulls us back into a structured schedule. I welcome the more regimented days because I’m more productive when I have a calendar and To Do list in front of me, but for next two weeks I am squeezing every last drop of relaxation I can get from summer. But does it ever have to end? Not really. You can have and endless summer if you incorporate elements of it into your home or wardrobe. Some Etsy favorites below:

 hammock palm tree


pillow shams and kitchen towels by Linen Sky

 linen sky

straw totes at Moosshop

 straw totes


ice cream and pineapple pillows at Dear Violet Shop

 ice cream pineapple pillows

handmade fruit bowls at Vegetabowls

 fruit bowls

crocheted pineapples at SoCrotch

 pineapple crochet

wide brim hats at Victoria Grace Clothes

 wide brim hats

linen duvets at Linen Tales

 linen duvets


beautiful beach photography at minagraphy

 beach photography


Paris Favorites

By Kate Riley August 2, 2016

This was my third time in Paris and by far my favorite visit. My first two trips were short, only 3 or 4 days and so I was only able to see the main tourist attractions and catch a mere glimpse of the life of Parisians.

On this most recent trip I spent an entire week strolling the streets, visiting museums, and dining in cafes under sunny skies at a leisurely pace, and it was absolutely divine. I’m sharing my favorites to remind those who have been what a marvelous city this is, and to inspire those who have never visited to put Paris on your list!

 eiffel tower paris


The Cafés.

Whenever anyone asks me what’s the thing I miss most about Paris, it’s hard to say (see all my favorite things below) but the café scene is at the top of the list. Sitting at sidewalk cafés is a lifestyle in Paris, every one makes time to do it and you’ll find them on every street corner. I love how both locals and tourists make a stop at a cafe part of the daily routine where you enjoy a meal, or simply have a café express or glass of rosé wine.

 cafe buci


 paris cafe

 le deux palais cafe

The Architecture.

It pretty much blows your mind walking the streets of this city, looking up at the detail on every bridge and building, seeing those iron railings along streets and windowsills, the big beautiful doors that lead to exquisite courtyards, and the stone flourishes on all the facades.

  pont d'alexander

 paris bridge

 place des vosges arch

 hotel sully paris

 le relais saint honore

black iron railing

 black arched doors paris

 ritz paris