The Boy’s New Bed

By Kate Riley June 27, 2016

Boys are so funny. When you ask them if they want to change anything in their room (decoratively speaking) they look at you with a frown and say “Why?” At least mine did. He is ten years old and several years ago I took the time to add new paint, a new rug, a new dresser and a DIY board and batten treatment to his room, and his bedroom space has stayed the same ever since. It’s a place that makes him happy so for all these years there was no reason to change it.

But my boy is growing up and he needed a desk in his room to store his personal things, the only place to add it was under the window which meant the Lego table had to be moved and that was so not happening since like so many American ten year old boys, Legos are his life. What to do? The only solution was a loft bed, one that allowed me to place his Lego table underneath it which would make room for a desk under the window. Problem solved.

I looked around for a good one but nothing came up in a green color so I bought him this loft bed in the natural finish knowing I could just paint it.

 natural wood loft bed

Which is exactly what I did.

 boys green loft bed

Since I’m partnered with Glidden this year, they gave me the opportunity to try out a new paint called ‘Complete’ – one that had a built in stain blocking primer that would save me a step! With a built in primer I didn’t have to take the time to prime, I could use this formula instead. Before assembly, I decided to paint it first, then assemble later and touch it up in place wherever necessary.

 glidden complete

This Glidden Complete acrylic paint covers well and dries fast! I was able to paint the individual pieces in just a few hours so for this bed project this paint was perfect. It’s “low odor” but not odorless, my only criticism was the mild odor which does dissipate after a few days as the paint fully cures.

 bed pieces

Underneath the loft bed there is now plenty of room for storage for his Legos and other toys. It didn’t take ten minutes before my boy was back playing with some favorites on his Lego table. Of all the projects I’ve ever featured here on the blog I can tell you this one has gotten the most mileage. Find the details on this Lego meets IKEA Lack table in this post from 2013.

 lego table


I keep his linens basic white since there’s a lot of art and color in this space but I did make him a new pillow with one of my new Summer 2016 fabric patterns – sneak peek! That brushstroke stripe will be available in 3 colorways later next week.

 boy bed pillow

Right now my boy is happy chilling up in his new loft bed. Thanks so much to Glidden for supplying the paint! By the way, the color is Safari Green and I love it!

 boy loft bed

*This post brought to you in partnership with Glidden paint. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

UPDATE: Glidden is giving away 5 gallons of ‘Complete’ paint, enter below!

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Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley June 24, 2016

I was visiting with a friend on Tuesday and on her kitchen chalkboard was the quote, “When you stop struggling, you float.” I really needed to read that and take it to heart. It’s been one of those weeks that was causing a bit of stress, so filled with obligations to so many people. The rivers teach us that floating along with the current gets you farther than struggling against it. I listened and I took a few days to slow down. Instead of absorbing the anxiety and letting it affect me I just accepted the message to float along with the rhythm of summer and embrace the slower pace.

I’ve found the funniest place to lie down and soak up 15 minutes of sun in the late afternoon. It’s our trampoline in the backyard. Almost every day, I grab a towel and my hat and lie down on it for a few minutes there as the sun sets over the back hill. I listen to my neighbor’s wind chimes, the buzzing of the bees near the lavender, and the sound of the train passing by 2 miles away. Being out in nature, even if it’s your own backyard, is therapeutic. If you don’t take the time to listen, you miss it. I’m so happy I took the time to just be still.

I’m scheduled to travel a lot next month, and I think that’s what was contributing to that anxiety I was feeling since I’m always thinking about this blog and keeping the content fresh. But I remembered that you dear readers are always so understanding. This summer, I’m going to go with the flow instead. To blog twice a week (or so) and enjoy my life, my travels, my surroundings. To stop struggling and float instead. (Why do I need to remind myself every year that this is so healthy?)

Next week I’m headed to Las Vegas to work on the house and to celebrate the Fourth of July. I have a very cool IKEA hack to share with you next week, one I’m really proud of. I also have some fun new fabric prints to share. The following week I’m headed to Paris for 8 days, I’m traveling with a like minded and fun loving friend. We will also spend two days in London. But instead of coming home, I decided to extend my trip another week and to return to two favorite European cities. Alone.

I really love traveling alone, there are so many benefits to it. (Perhaps it will prompt an article here?) Sure you miss your family and friends back home but the benefit of traveling alone is that you’re free to roam without care or concern for anyone but yourself. To indulge in your own definition of adventure. Is that selfish? I don’t think so. I think it’s rather healthy, to spend time alone and to travel by yourself. As for me, I’ll be walking the streets, popping into museums, sipping wine and people watching in so many of those charming cafes. Now that I’ve adjusted my mindset, I’m really looking forward to July.

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