Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley September 18, 2016

Happy Sunday friends. Today I’m finishing up the last day of a motorcycle training class. Crazy right? It’s equal parts challenging and thrilling and today is test day. Yikes, I hope I pass!

Why am I putting my self through this course? I’ll tell ya! Traveling in Europe this past summer sparked my longtime desire to own a Vespa and ride it around my home town. It’s been a dream of mine for a few years but to do so and be insured in California I need a M1 license. To get one I’m taking a safety course where I train on a real motorcycle. It’s challenging to say the least, but thrilling too. I’m definitely outside my comfort zone, wish me luck!

Favorite links from the week below:

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Green Kitchen Cabinets

By Kate Riley September 14, 2016

Years ago I painted the center island in my white kitchen a pale gray green (Ben Moore’s ‘Camouflage’) and I’ve loved it ever since. Today I was at Home Depot beginning my search for cabinets for the kitchen at the flip house, and I’ve had green on my mind for some time.

I’m considering a white + gray/green cabinet combo using white cabinets above and greenish cabinets below. (Catch of the glimpse of the old kitchen cabinets here). I’m looking for a brand that offers a pale gray green and I found two potential candidates, Ocean Floor from Martha Stewart and the Zeus color by Decora, both are pale sage greens, the Martha color leans more gray. Decisions decisions…

 gray green kitchen cabinet colors

Green is a beautiful choice for painted kitchen cabinets, it has an organic feel since it taps into the color we see most in nature. I’ve spied several kitchens popping up in designer spaces with cabinets painted in various shades of green. Most are brighter or deeper shades of green than I’m considering but all quite lovely.


 pale green contemporary kitchen cabinets

elle decoration

 green cabinets stylemepretty

style me pretty

 green base kitchen cabinets

workbook by westbrook

 apple green kitchen cabinets

new york times

 green painted peninsula


 green kitchen cabinets

jillian harris

 green kitchen makerista

the makerista

 green cabinets in kitchen

teddy edwards

 army green cabinets

gregory mellor

 olive green frameless cabinet

naked kitchens

 forest green kitchen

deVOL kitchens

Is green the new gray with kitchen cabinets? If so, I’m on board.