Summery Blue + White

By Kate Riley May 23, 2016

Summer is just around the corner and with it lazier days! I’m looking forward to the season, and a favorite look that always feels fresh is the classic blue and white combination.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a space decorated in layers of blue and white and disliked it, I’ve always found blue and white very sophisticated and appealing. This blue and white sunroom is still one of my favorite spaces I enjoy spending time in!

 blue and white living room

ralph lauren

 blue white plate gallery

verandah house

 blue and white plates

via mad about the house

blue white temple

williams sonoma

 blue and white stripe chair

romo fabrics

 blue and white outdoor decor

country style

Summery favorites:

blue and white decor

swirl dinner platelumbar pillow / ceramic lamp / blue gingham picnic blanketginger jar / deep sea octopus plate / spode plates / reverb rug / striped slipper chair


Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley May 21, 2016

Happy Saturday! It’s been a crazy month so far but in a good way! I signed up for a May fitness challenge at my local studio where I workout (kickboxing, cycling, etc.) and yesterday I clocked 25 classes in 20 days, I’m exhausted but proud of myself and I feel amazing! Last night I attended such a fun concert with a friend in San Francisco. We watched a very talented musician Bernhoft and danced to his music during the performance, what a great show it was!

Tomorrow I’m headed to Las Vegas for a few days to oversee a few projects happening with the flip house, I’m having the windows measured for the new replacements and the luxury vinyl plank flooring has arrived, plus there’s a new patio installed in the backyard where grass used to be, I’ll be sharing all about those projects soon.

 branches console art

Favorite links:

Soooo much prettiness in the OKL San Francisco studio.

An comprehensive source guide for cement tiles.

I love these paper plants!

100+ inspiring ideas for patios (I’m #53).

Essentials of becoming a better cook.

“Old fashioned niceties” that deserve a comeback.


Have a great weekend!