Golden Glow with Modern Masters

By Kate Riley December 11, 2016

Happy holiday weekend! I’ve been busily prepping for a gathering of friends coming over next weekend. Also picking up last minute gifts, you know the regular things we rush around doing this time of year. Last week I gave a dresser in my guest room a refresh with the help of Modern Masters and their Matte Metallics paint collection. I never get tired of the white + gold combo so I was up to my old tricks again, giving the raised detail on a dresser a touch of gold to make it stand out.

Remember this dresser project from a few years ago? I removed the blue linen inserts and painted the trim gold for the guest room, and also added new diamond shaped pulls to give in a new look.


Three thin layers gave the dresser a nice gold trim feature, then I added the diamond plate ring pulls.

I love the finished result, the gold trim looks so pretty on my guest room dresser with the new art arrangement.

For creative DIYers, it’s always a good idea to have metallic paints to use around the house! I love the resurgence of copper and rose gold in recent years so I experimented with a few Christmas themed crafts. Modern Masters metallics paints are so versatile you can even use them to paint fabric, which is what I did with a few plain linen stockings. It was simple, using the Matte Metallics in Gold Rush and Copper Penny, I randomly applied a series of brushstrokes to the fabric.

You can always mix the paints to create new metallic colors which is how I created a third rose gold color.

These feel very festive lining my staircase paired gold, copper, and rose gold ornament clusters.

My daughter wanted in on the action so she helped me paint a mini wood village I ordered online. After painting them gold and copper, we made a simple wooden village centerpiece to sit on a side or dining table.

She painted the little wooden houses with copper and gold and nestled them in between white tree shaped tea lights and greenery.


It made a fun and festive centerpiece to add a golden glow enjoy throughout the holiday season.

Having a set of quality metallic paints in your stash of supplies is always a good idea especially for those who love to add a metallic touch whenever the mood strikes! Right now if you buy one metallic paint you get a matte metallic for free at participating in store retailers until December 31st, so locate the one nearest you so you can stock up for yourself. You can also shop the Modern Masters line of specialty paints online here.

This post is sponsored by Modern Masters line of metallic paints for your crafting and decorating ideas. All opinions are mine!


Games to Gift

By Kate Riley December 8, 2016

Whenever I go to Vegas to hang out with my collection of cousins we always spend an evening around the dining room table at someone’s house drinking wine and playing a game. Over Thanksgiving we played Loaded Questions which kept us all laughing for hours and making up hashtags to go along with our new inside jokes.

One of my favorite questions to hear when I visit my friends’ houses is “Have you ever played ____?” Earlier this year some friends invited us to play Mexican Train, that was new to me and a lot of fun too, one that you can enjoy with kids as well.

Games are a great gift, one that always gives you something to do on a cold winter’s night other than watch TV. I rounded up some for your consideration !


Utter Nonsense combines stereotypical accents (ex: redneck, pirate) with card playing, bring your irreverent sense of humor to table.

Be strategic in playing all your dominos to win with a fun round of Mexican Train.

Host a table top scavenger hunt with your friends and their smartphones with Game of Phones .

Make your way through a series of beer challenges with Beeropoly.

Creative questions and their personal answers leads to a lot of laughter with Loaded Questions.

I hear you get to know people on a totally new level with Most Likely To.

Laugh out loud while guessing players’ random answers with the write in card game “Things…” at your next get together.

Embarrassing situations happen. How will you react to them in the Awkward Moment game?

Fun for kids and adults, choose one of five camels racing around a track in the crazy betting game of Camel Up.


What games do you love to play at parties and with friends or family? I’d love to read your recommendations!