Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley July 30, 2016

Happy almost August everyone. Can you believe July is almost over? I’m not ready for summer to end! I have a few weeks left to savor and one more trip planned, then the kids go back to school in 2 ½ weeks, noooo!

I’m still very much inspired by my recent travels to France and other European countries and am trying to keep little bits of my travel experience alive at home, especially in the kitchen (pass the fromage and rosé, s’il vous plaît!). I loved reading this article on French cooks and the comments are great too. More favorite links below.

 red and white beach umbrella

These Instagram images are fueling my wanderlust.

I’m forever a fan of soothing blue rooms.

A great analysis of 2016 home decor trends.

This is one amazing outdoor shower.

How a great conversation is like a game of catch.

Lovely and creative book covers.

Tips for buying the best olive oil.

I love avocado toast and these recipes look delish.

What really makes a home beautiful.


Plates on the Wall

By Kate Riley July 28, 2016

I was catching up on blogs yesterday and browsing some lovely home tours. This one popped out at me (gorgeous tile throughout!) and then I noticed the lovely arrangement of plates on the wall.

I’ve never arranged a group of dishes on a wall in my home, but I find the look so charming. Being a collector and lover of attractive dishes, I’m certainly considering one now!

 plate wall


This one stood out, I loved its composition and the medley of patterns in this breakfast room, plus it’s mostly blue and white so there’s that too. :)

 plate wall composition


Much like a gallery wall, you can display plates in a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement, both are equally eye catching. Dishes aren’t just for the kitchen, they look lovely in a sunroom, entry, etc.

The look can also be more traditional in style or take on a more modern vibe depending on the arrangement and the chosen dishes. I found several well executed plate wall displays around the web to inspire!

 decorative plate wall

sunset magazine

 green white breakfast room plate wall

ghislane viñas interiors

 eclectic plate wall

the design files

 blue white red plate wall

patty kennedy interiors

 dark background plate wall

west elm

 powder room plate wall

kati curtis design

 plate wall driven by decor

driven by decor

 pewter platters on wall

kemp hall studio

 asymetrical plate wall

mm crafts

 dining room plate wall

horton & co

 traditional dish plate wall

kingston lafferty design

 white plate wall liz marie

liz marie blog

What’s the best way to hang them on the wall? There are several options, you can purchase hangers for each plate like Kris (find them online, or in art & craft supply stores).

 white hangers

If you prefer the hangers to be hidden you can use superglue to attach hangers, or

 glue hangers

purchase disc plate hangers (a better option for larger plates and platters).

 disc plate hanger


Have you hung plates on the wall in your home? What’s your style, a traditional arrangement or more eclectic?