DIY Summer Tote

By Kate Riley July 6, 2016

Happy summer friends! This week I’m sharing some new fabrics I designed, the first is this happy pattern I call ‘Go With The Flow’, it’s a medley of brushstrokes that playfully flow along a white background. The pattern comes in three different colorways (see below) and with this coral and berry combo I made a small lined tote summer tote and also added grommet detail and rope straps.

 summer tote diy


This bag is fully lined and I made it with the 1 yard of the sturdy Heavy Cotton Twill. To recreate it you’ll need one yard of the same or two pieces of 30 x 19” wide twill or canvas fabric, a grommet kit and 2 yards of nylon rope (both from Home Depot).

 tote supplies

Step One, turn the two pieces of 30 x 19” fabric inside out and sew them together like you would a pillow cover, leaving 4 to 5” opening on the side.

 sew fabric inside out

 sew inside out leave opening

Flip the fabric right side out, it should look like a pillow sham.

 inside out


Step Two, fold it over once more so the shorter 19” sides come together. (In the picture below the fabric is folded over then rotated 90 degrees on the table for the photo.)

 fold over again

Sew three sides together (the 19” sides and one of the 15” sides) leaving an opening for the tote on the fourth side.

 sew tote

Step Three, flip your tote base inside out to hide the seam inside. Cut small holes where you want the grommets to go and use the kit to secure them to the top of the tote.

 center grommets


You’re almost done! Now simply cut the nylon rope and knot the ends once you’ve run them through the grommet. If you melt the edges ever so slightly with a lighter or finish off the ends with hot glue the rope won’t fray.

cut nylon rope


So there you have it, a cute little summer tote bag to take along with you to the pool or beach!

 diy summer tote

 summer tote diy

This ‘Go With The Flow’ fabric is available in three fun colorways: Coral, Navy, and Aqua. Also available as wallpaper and gift wrap, find all three in my Spoonflower Shop!

 go with the flow fabric colorways

I’ll share more new fabric patterns later this week :)

One Cart, Three Ways

By Kate Riley July 5, 2016

Greetings friends! I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend, it’s one of my favorite holidays! Today I’m headed back from Vegas to California, I’ve got to finish up some last minute packing for my trip to Paris!

I signed up as an IKEA Brand Ambassadör this year, and was issued a challenge to look for a quality product that I love and feature it here on the blog. For anyone familiar with IKEA that’s a big challenge to pick one product but it was a challenge I welcomed!

The only difficulty was narrowing it down to a product that I needed and one that would prove useful around the house. I finally settled on the MOLGER cart. It’s simple, small, and solid wood, what’s not to love? So I set off to style it around my house and show you just how versatile it can be. The challenge was “one cart, three ways” and here they are!


In the bathroom, the MOLGER cart holds towels and toiletries for use next to the bath, so convenient for a bath lover like me.

 ikea cart bathroom


In the study where I keep all the kid related games and toys, it makes a great place to stash homework supplies during the school year.

 ikea cart kids room

And finally, in the laundry room, the MOLGER cart corrals detergents and stain treatments, lint rollers and linen sprays.

 ikea cart laundry room

Now the only choice that remains is where will it end up? Likely in the kids’ study room, I could use the extra storage in there for pencils, papers, etc. But think of the possibilities in your home! It can hold office supplies, cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, the list goes on. That’s what I love about so many IKEA products, they’re quality but also affordable.

This little MOLGER cart runs $49 and will work hard anywhere. It’s always fun to play with IKEA products and make them work for your lifestyle! Today IKEA is giving away one MOLGER cart to three lucky winners, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.

(To be eligible, enter with your answer in Rafflecopter widget not in blog post comments please.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much IKEA for inviting me to be a Brand Ambassadör this year!

*This post brought to you in partnership with IKEA. All opinions are my own.