Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley June 24, 2017

Greetings! What are you up to on this beautiful summer weekend?! Last night I attended a comedy show in Healdsburg, it’s a thing now in Sonoma County, we’ve got comedians coming up from San Francisco doing their act in wine tasting rooms, it’s very funny to hear urbanites mock wine country folk, I was laughing so hard.

Today I’m continuing work on my outdoor trellis project and tomorrow I’m meeting friends for a little wine tasting in the Sonoma Plaza, that’s always fun. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend too! Favorite links below:


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I’m headed to France in September; always inspired by Heather’s photography.

Enjoy your weekend!

Layering Rugs Under Beds

By Kate Riley June 21, 2017

A question from Mary showed up as a comment on my master bedroom today. Mary asked, “Is the bed a king or a queen? And then, what size is the rug?”  I replied: “My bed is a California King which is 72″ in width x 84″ in length. It is 4 inches longer but 4 inches narrower than a king size bed. The rug is 94″ x 130″ which allows for visible border around the bed frame, 22″ on either side of the bed and about 30″ past the foot of the bed to make room for the two small benches that live there.”  The question prompted a great topic! Let’s take a closer look at layering rugs under beds.

Area rugs are a great way to add pattern and/or softness to a bedroom space. When looking to layer a rug under your full, queen, or king size bed, ideally you want one that extends a few feet beyond the bed on all sides to create a nice visible border.

There are no hard and fast rules on size and it’s okay if the rug doesn’t go all the way to the wall underneath the nightstands. Personally I think a rug looks best under a bed when it’s layered in front of the nightstands exposing the flooring underneath them and stretching in front of the length of the nightstands on either side of the bed.



emily henderson


raquel langworthy


krista waterworth


julio quiñones


 house tweaking


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my domaine


To achieve this look, use the size of your nightstands as your guide for width on each side of the bed. The border formed around your bedframe should be about the same width as your nightstands but it’s totally okay if the rug is a few inches shy on both sides. It’s hard to get it exactly the same width since most rugs come in standard sizes like 6 x 9’, 8 x 10’, or 9 x 12’ or slight variations of those sizes.

What’s most important is a significant border around the edge of the bed frame, 2-3 feet is ideal. Plan for an even larger border at the the base of the bed if you want to add a bench.

If you don’t want to spend big bucks on a large scale patterned rug consider this idea, a less expensive plain woven rug for size and a smaller vintage rug on top to add pattern.


one king’s lane


One thing you want to avoid is a rug that is too small, it will look skimpy. Here’s an example. In my opinion, this rug is too small for this bed. I get that this is a styled shot to showcase the bed frame. The rug has been pulled forward to show its texture, but it is not centered under the bed. In a real bedroom, you’d want a larger size rug centered under the bed for a balanced look.




If layering a rug next to your bed you have more flexibility with size. An accent rug on the side of a bed can vary in size but consider a rug that stretches the length of the bedframe and is at least 30” wide, like these examples below:


parachute home


source unknown

source unknown


Thanks for the question Mary!