1. I think this is such a fun idea for a blog party and can’t wait to see the spaces everyone works in. I wish I’d had some time to spruce mine up a bit before inviting everyone in to see it but decided to just go ahead and show it, rumpled curtains and all. Ha.

    I love your home office, Kate! So pretty and stylish. Thanks for hosting the party! :-)

  2. Kate…what a great idea for a party! Looking forward to seeing all the places where the “magic” happens. :) Your office if fabulous…beautiful and functional! Sounds like your garage sale was a huge success!

  3. i agree with everyone else! great idea for a party.
    this is my first time to ever link up with you, love that you have an am & pm office.

    i have an am & pm as well.

    have a lovely week.

  4. A fun event!

    I move around, a tad. One of the places is the kitchen island and another is a comfy chair in the hearth room. However, my pretty place to blog is the one I linked.

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  5. This is such a great idea! I linked a post, and now I’m going to go visit the rest of the participants. I look forward to seeing what else I can find on your blog to ooh and aah about.

  6. You are super mom, girl! You deserve to spend that $480 on whatever you want. ;) Oh, how I love your home office…but your kitchen is pretty fabulous too. Thanks for hosting such a fun party. :)

  7. Thanks for having this party! It is so great to wander around and get inspired by all of the talented people out there. It’s so interesting to see the rooms where their ideas are crafted.

  8. Kate,
    I just added my kitchen to this wonderful list of bloggers. ‘Cause ya know, that’s where it happens for me. I love your blog and am soooo thankful to have met you in person at Blissdom. Thanks for constant inspiration!

  9. Thanks for doing this! So much fun. To answer your question… The paint color on alittlegreat.com is Myth Gray by Kwal Howell. I love it too! Thanks

  10. What a great idea for a party! I’m looking forward to checking out where everyone else blogs from. Most of the time I blog from my family room couch, looking out the patio doors to our yard. It’s informal, but the scenery is great inspiration!

    Congrats on your successful garage sale, wooo hoo! ;)

  11. Thanks so much for hosting Kate! So much fun to see all the different, and beautiful spaces! It’s fun to see real point of inspiration. I just added my couch, aka Blog Central. Nothing special but seriously functional when I have to keep track of 3 kiddos running through the casa!

  12. I kinda blog in spurts – often, I do first drafts or just jot down bits & pieces at work (in Google Docs) then later I refine and tinker with the drafts at home and finally paste the text over into the WordPress editor. I’ve been really busy with our move until lately, but I’m starting to get my blogging mojo back on track.

    Anyway, we’re in the midst of reworking our home office with better, more traditional furniture, but here’s what it looked like when we re-did it a few years back:


    Our new house has a larger bedroom that we’ve converted into our new home office, so we’ll be able to fit in larger desks and more storage options. I really like the looks of the Kathy Ireland Tribeca Loft writing desk ( http://www.martinfurniture.com/collections/files_collections/locations/TL/TL384R.jpg ) but can’t stomach the price.

  13. Hi Kate.
    what a lovely office you have.. This was such a great idea for a party and I enjoyed participating and looking at your other posters blogging spaces..

    155 Dream Lane

  14. I am amazed at how many people actually sit at a desk to be on the computer. I’m always either in my chair with my feet up, sitting on my bed or on the deck sitting on a patio chair. I am the lazy blogger.

  15. What a fun party. I have been checking out everyone blogging spaces. So fun!
    I have a question? How do I grab a button, like your where do you blog button, if it doesn’t have a code underneath to copy and paste?

  16. This is super fun! Actually the first time I have EVER joined a linked in party!!! Im new to blogging! Im Jess-Hi! Haha. You can see where I blog up top and click here on my link to see our new blog and online Marketplace. A cool fact about our office is Nate Berkus designed it! No joke! :) He is AMAZING!

  17. Kate, this is a wonderful idea for a party. I had hoped to be here with bells on. Instead, I’m here in my galoshes. But I’m glad to be here! And, as often happens, I’m inspired by seeing where YOU work! Thank you for sharing and inviting all of us to share.

  18. Great idea! I’m #129. Found you through BNOTP. I’m your newest follower! I will blog about the blog party tonight. Congrats on the garage sale profits.

  19. Great idea for a party. I’m going to be checking these links out, for sure.
    My Home Office is a bit of disaster – but am thrilled that it’s going to be my Labor Day project (at least, the painting part is – the rest will follow more slowly).
    I also blog just a little from work… but shhh, that’s a big secret :)

  20. Hi Kate,
    I feel a bit tardy to the party after seeing all of your responses, but what a super cute idea.
    Plus I found your blog because of it (yup a new viewer!) Such fun!
    All the best, Lynn

  21. thank you so much for doing this! we just moved and i have yet to get my office together. I’ll be frequenting this page a lot in the next few weeks to gather ideas. great idea! lovely! -denise

  22. What a fun party! I am totally jealous of all the cute, blogging spaces that everyone has. I’d be way to embarrassed to show you my computer area! But this has given me some inspiration to make my area more serene/zen/inspiring! Thanks for hosting!

  23. I wish I could join in but life has been crazy here this school term and I am way behind on my blogging. I can’t wait to go and see everyone else’s gorgeous spaces though, so thanks for hosting this fun linky party!

    Your spaces are great!

    Best wishes,

  24. Super fun, great idea, wonderful entries and an inspirational way to end my day. I am now following, and have posted for Tues :) Party on!

  25. This was a great idea – thank you for hosting this! I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun checking out everyone’s posts.

    BTW, my linky didn’t come up with a thumbnail, but I could have sworn that I selected one. Is there any way to change this?

  26. Kate, Thank you so much for hosting this fun party! I had to tell you I had the most visits to my blog EVER yesterday after I linked up to your blog! About 5 times as many as I normally get! Wow you are one powerful blogger!

  27. I ADORE both of your spaces! I think this post is BRILLIANT, what a GREAT, FUN party that is chock FULL of gorgeous inspiration. I’m loving the peek into everyones life! THANKS!!!

  28. After looking at several of these beautiful spaces I now know why I am unable to let beautiful words flow.
    Besides the disorganization and outright clutter on my desk, I am the ONLY one who still has a humongous 90’s take -up- half -your -space monitor!
    (Not to mentiona zillion cords)

  29. Ha! Love this idea of wholesale blogging party :P I blog from the comfort of my study, I have a great desk with lots of natural light, as well as a comfy love seat, so you will find me at either of them. Congrats on your success of the garage sale, and all the things that you accomplished this weekend (5 kids? that’s a lot of fun for one woman!) Thanks for sharing!

  30. This is such a fun post! Seeing all kinds of work space is inspirational. Let’s have another ‘censational’ party again! Have a fabulous week! XOXO

  31. I love this idea and so many wonderful blog spaces! If only I could maintain a neater more magazine-esk space… but then I don’t think I’d ever get anything done O_O

    Congrats on the successful sale btw :)

  32. Although I have been known to blog in the bedroom . . . or while sitting on the couch . . . or at the public library . . . I only posted images of my usual / favorite place . . . which is while sitting at a lace-covered 100-year-old wooden table (lots of storage under that table) . . . thanks for hosting this . . . it IS fun / inspirational looking at all the neat spaces . . . Vickie in Texas . . .

  33. Thanks for hosting this party! It’s been so much fun to get a glimpse into some of my favorite bloggers offices and blogging spots. Your office is amazing!

    And congrats on a successful garage sale- they’re a lot of work!!

  34. Thanks, Kate, for hosting such a great party! I added mine at the last minute, and I’m thrilled to look through all these spaces! :) shaunna

  35. Where Do I Blog? Well sometimes on the lounge half lying down with my notebook, but most of the time to my home office desk. At the desk when I am alone and on the lounge when the family is home. It works for me!

  36. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. I love your wreath. My front door is exactly like yours, but is in need of paint right now and a new wreath too. That sweet little face smiling out your door is so cute. And, where did you get that door mat, I want one!

  37. We don’t have a laptop so i blog in the same spot but at least it is in an area where I can keep watch of the kiddos. I need more traffic (I”m still a rookie just started about a month ago) Suggestions?

  38. What a fantastic idea! Such incredible inspiration and so ironic that I found you today through Colour Me Happy. #168, when I am in the middle of painting my desk to make a blogging office within my bedroom. LOVE THIS PARTY. Thanks for sharing it.

  39. DOH! I missed this! On the upside I suppose since I am rearranging my pseudo office it was for the best that I missed it! I would love to participate in something like this moving forward! It kind of gives me an idea for something to do though….stay tuned! =)

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