It’s a Small Blog World

By Kate Riley October 30, 2009

Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of meeting a very popular blogger who happens to also live in my hometown!  I’m pleased to introduce you to another blog that I know you’ll absolutely love:  Just Something I Made.  Cathe Holden is a graphic artist and master crafter and her skills are so amazing !  Pop on over and say “Hi” to Cathe. 

kate and cathe

Bring a beverage – you’re going to want to stay awhile when you witness her creativity.


  1. Thanks for the introduction! I’ve already been to visit her site and, you’re right, she’s talented! Have a good weekend!
    pk @ Room Remix

  2. It is a small world and how fun that you two got to meet for coffee! I enjoy both of your blogs immensly! Happy Halloween!

  3. Darn you lucky girl!!! oh how I’d love to hang out with Cathe!! She’s every bit as sweet as she is talented!! Cute picture of the 2 of you!!


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